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Topic: Info on our new Timpani library

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    Info on our new Timpani library

    Just thought I would let everyone know that Sean just posted a really cool demo, a picture, and preliminary info on the library. Let us know what you think...


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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    Obviously the last timpani samples I will ever have to buy! Tremendous!

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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    WOW thanks Nick! I\'ll try to get some more audio files up to display some of the different articulations. So far here\'s what we\'ve got:

    Sustained hits 8 vel. right and left hand
    Muted hits (via programming) 8 vel. right and left hand
    Hand muffled hits; 8 vel.
    Rolls 4 vel. with a release trigger programed so that you get a real release (if needed) for shorter duration rolls AND you can blend the release in or out with the Mod wheel.
    Cres. and Decres. 3 speeds -same thing here I am going to program releases so if you only need the cres. to go up 1/2 way for example you can and still have a nice release.

    And then the \"extras\" are cool because there should be about anything there timpani wise that you could ever want. We took the 32\" drum and detuned it all the way down and moved the mic\'s real close and got that real earthy boomy bassy tone that you guys have been talking about.

    I should also mention that, as you might of guessed, the files are rather large so within each .gig you will be able to load \"light\" versions for just playing around. Hopefully this will be helpfull.


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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    sounds REALLY good. I\'m quite amazed. I also love that you\'ve put in SFX. You\'ve really got something that I\'m sure people will love with this suppliment

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know that Sean just posted another demo that demonstrates the timpani within a mix.

    If you guys would like to hear any of the other mallets in this mix just let me know.


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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    I didn\'t like the first demo very much - I\'m sure it didn\'t do the library any justice So I just want the library on the streets so I can get my hands on it


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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library


    Thats cool...thanks for letting me know that you didn\'t like the first demo very much. What exactly did you not like about it? I ask because, obviously, we want to post demos that do our libraries justice. What kind of things would you like to hear? And again thanks for your honesty.


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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library


    Your second Timpani demo is really good. Love the authenticity and power of the sound you guyz managed to sample. I guess for demos you can go even further and maybe apply your samples in a normal musical setting, a classical piece maybe, or film music, whatever- it would something to hear your samples in a context. Keep up the good work.

    F. Juma.

    P.S. I have not checked this more carefully on your site, but did you guys sample any open snare drums? what about tom-toms?

    [This message has been edited by Gulliver (edited 12-12-2000).]

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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library

    Well I didn\'t think it was very idiomatic timpani writing. And you have a lot of 64th notes or something inthere which will never sound realistic on its own because a real timp is not hit from \'dead\' position each time you hit it, like it is with samples because you can\'t get the natural vibration/interference of the hits you apply to it. So either I think you should stick to slower timp-writing and not so much crescendo, OR do a full orchestral arangement with timps in it. Because I\'m sure your new timps will sound great, even with 16th, 32th and possibly 64th (although rolls might be better for that), in a full orchestral mix. I think the new demo is better, but still too much fast writing, which is very hard to make realistc. However, I still won\'t think a second about buying this library no matter what demos you post of it

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    Re: Info on our new Timpani library


    Very good observation. The first demo is more of a contempory timpani solo idea. It is actually very idiomatic of the timpani in a modern solo setting. The reason for the fast passages were to show off the 8 velocities and the right and left hand samples. I guess to put things into perspective I should have posted the same demo with our old timpani (only one hand). The difference is staggering.


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