I use JABB3 and Personal Orchestra for playing midi files and rendering to audio in Sonar. Most of the time everything works fine fine, but every now and then JABB and PO wont begin to play a file until given a nudge. If Aria works properly on a particular midi file, it always plays that file. The problem seems to be confined to certain files, though these problem files will play with other VSTi's.

I have found that if I advance the selected patch on the channel in JABB or PO, it prompts Aria to play. I then need to reselect the original patch while Aria is playing. The problem is that once stopped and restarted the patch is forgotten and Aria is silent. This also means that the patch can't be rendered to audio. This means that I have to substitute another VSTi if I want to progress with the song. This is of course most frustrating as I love the Steinway and strings of JABB and PO.

I have looked at the CC's in the midi file but can find no consistency or common cause. I have even removed all CC's but the problem persists.

Has anyone else encounted this type of problem and solved it?