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Topic: String multisamples?

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    String multisamples?

    I\'ve all the advanced orchestra volumes, i wanna know if its possible to make multisample realistic sound with this library.
    I want sounds like Hans Zimmer guitar (much expressive) but i don\'t know the right velocity to set the single sounds to make a realistic multisample.
    Exist orchestral multisamples or not?

    Excuse me for my english please tell me where i can find information!


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    Re: String multisamples?

    Fabrizio, check out www.xsample.de for a good demo of chamber music samples for strings. Look for the new volumes 10 and 11. They are not available yet, but soon will be at the beginning of the new year.
    For string ensembles, the only demos I\'ve heard that sound very expressive to me are the Miroslav Vitious String Ensembles, but they are very expensive (about 1500 dollars). You can listen to demos at www.ilio.com. Just type in Miroslav in the \'Search\' area.
    If you wait till the beginning of 2001, Gary Garritan is getting ready to come out with \'GigaStrings\' which were sampled in Lincoln Center in NYC from really great players using only fine string instruments such as Stradavari violins, Guarnari, Vuillume. etc...Supposed to be incredible. No demo yet however.
    Good luck!

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    Re: String multisamples?

    Thank you for your help!
    I need another one, can i create a multisample with my sample library (Miroslav and Advanced orchestra), if it\'s possible where is a web site that show me the right way?
    I need to know the best velocity switch for my sample library!
    Thank you very much, you are the only way i know to have info!
    Have a nice christmas and an happy new year!

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    Re: String multisamples?

    What I believe this guy wants is \"Know How\"
    not shopping tips. Sir your delima is one I share with you. There does seem to be a lack of \"how to\" tutorials on the construction of Gigafiles other than the and rudimentary basics. I\'ve made hundreds of Gigs and still don\'t know alot about the deeper stuff like layers and velocity switching. Please someone right a book like the new Cakewalk Power only for Gigasampler/Studio with chapters devoted to editing and Ultimate Workstations of your Dreams setups

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