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Topic: Free gigs.....(again)

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    Free gigs.....(again)

    Well, the task of keeping those free gigs up for you all is continuing....
    Hopefully I now found a good solution, (yes, I said it before...), visit www.worrasplace.com and check out the instructions on the top of the gig-page.


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    Re: Free gigs.....(again)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Worra. BTW, here\'s the
    direct URL: http://www.worrasplace.com/gigs.html


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    Re: Free gigs.....(again)

    Hey Worra, the new 8-part gig at your site in the bass section, the 100 MB one, what is it? There\'s no blurb for it asw there usually is. Love the service you provide, thanks.

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