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Topic: GS Install now or wait?

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    GS Install now or wait?

    Hello everyone,

    I just got my upgrade and was wondering how risky the new version is. I am working currently on a couple of projects so i dont have time to mess around too much. Is it pretty save to uninstall Gigasampler and install Gs? I got performenes en masse that i like to keep. Anyone how has any tips and advice to give please let me know!



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    Re: GS Install now or wait?

    If you must have the new features for the new project, you may wish to install it. In general though, it is usually a good idea to wait for a break between projects to change software over. The high end guys (like Hanz Zimmer for instance) tend to do major updates to thier studios during breaks between movies. There is always a bit of a learning curve and the possiblity installation issues to deal with for any kind of software.
    Take care

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    Re: GS Install now or wait?

    Ah yeah. I couldnt resists tho

    One thing tho: I cannot find the wav editor named NemeEdit.exe

    It simply does not exist. What gives?

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    Re: GS Install now or wait?

    And also, i cant seem to register offline. It tells me the reg code is wrong. I HATE wasting time after forking out money. It always a hassle to upgrade. Stuff wont work, is missing etc.

    So why does it tell me the code is wrong and why dont i have the wave editor????

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