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Topic: Upcoming release from Post Audio Media

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    Upcoming release from Post Audio Media

    \"Giga Harpsichords\" Library of French and Flamisch Harpsichords for Gigasampler® sets a new standard in sound quality and realism.

    Amsterdam, Holland (January 8th 2001) – Well known in the music industry, sampling wizard Michiel Post from Post Audio Media announced the upcoming release of his new \"GigaHarpsichords\" CD-Rom for Gigasampler® and GigaStudio ™.

    Priced at $95. (US), this unique library features sampled Harpsichords with unique release key action. It\'s features creates a digital instruments of the highest caliber, where all the harmonics of each note are true. Each key release results in the true sound of the harpsichord key-release.

    All of these samples were recorded using the highest quality for recording techniques. Digidesign ProTools equipment was used in the digital side of the recording. We think these are the best sounding harpsichord samples available today.

    Giga Harpsichords will soon be available from Bigga Giggas for an amazing $95.00 !

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    Re: Upcoming release from Post Audio Media

    Worra, those demos sound absolutely stunning. When can I get my hands on this??!!

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    Re: Upcoming release from Post Audio Media

    Glad you liked them, I do too! The planned releasedate are within 2 weeks.
    I\'ve put up 2 more demos, made with the French Harpsichord, wich has a different sound and also are recorded with some room (natural!) The first 3 mp3\'s where recorded using the Flemisch (nor Flamisch that I wrote in the mail....) Harpsichord, wich is recorded in a very dead room. You can get the mp3\'s at http://www.biggagiggas.com/HarpsichordPr.htm

    Post Audio Media will also soon be releasing another CD (busy guys...) called Giga Piano Suite containing, (get ready...):

    The GigaConcertGrand
    a 8-layer chromaticly sampled concert grand piano, with seperate samples for sustain-pedal down notes.

    -The PostPreparedPiano
    contains 14 special instruments. The Full PreparedPiano for J Gage\'s Music for Prepared Piano is the prescribed registration with all the bolds and screws between and over the Steinway C piano strings

    -The Orchestral Instruments,
    contains several classic keyboard/orchestral percussion instruments: Celesta (One of the most beautiful instruments was sampled in the orchestra pit at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam), Glockenspiel (The file is small but has a very strong and bright tone), Register Piano (A historic recording of a remarkable and truely unique instrument), Harmonium, Hackbrett, Marimba and Vibraphone.

    -The SimplePianoCollection,
    contains the four basic playing styles captured in one instrument each. Forte, Pianissimo, Fortissimo and MezzoForte

    -Synthetic Piano Collection,
    based on synthetic piano sounds.
    The sounds were produced with Frequency Modulation and Virtual Modelling techniques. The electric piano\'s, Vibraphone, Clavinova, and synthetic grand piano are completed with several combinations to give you a varied sound palette for modern music

    -Pure Staccato
    Grand Piano being played in ultimate staccato

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