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Topic: Donnie on the attack

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    Donnie on the attack

    Dear PapaChalk,

    I think it\'s time Donnie got chucked off this forum.
    Yes PLEEEEAAASSSEE clip him papaChalk.
    He is always on the attack.

    Although his products might be great (dunno), his personality comes across (through his mailings) as arrogant and obnoxious.
    I think it\'s fair to suggest that Ryan should attempt to monitor his site for piracy, but to insist on having some personal fight in the confines of this user forum is just stupid and selfish.

    Wasn\'t there some stupid bloke a while back who just used to come in and flame people. He annoyed everybody and then papaChalk clipped him (or whatever you call it). Ditto Donnie please.

    Do we always have to keep asking Donnie to just calm down.

    peaceful times please


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    Re: Donnie on the attack

    Don\'t ban Donnie.

    He\'s a valuable asset to the forum.

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