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Topic: Optimizing Windows 98 for Gigastudio

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    Optimizing Windows 98 for Gigastudio

    I am running Win 98 on a Pentium III-600 with 128 MB of RAM and a fast DMA hard drive. Gigastudio 96 is choking when playing back around 80 sustained string notes with slow attacks and slow release times.

    I suspect Windows 98 is slowing my system down. I have Win95 on the other computer which handles digital recording and sequencing and Win 95 is running faster on a Pentium II-333 than Win 98 is on a PIII-600!

    I did do a lot of tweaking in Win 95 such as turning off write-behind caching, stabilizing the virtual memory, etc., which really speeds up the OS for the demands of digital audio. Is there a way to tweak Win 98 to get it \"out of the way\" more while gigastudio is streaming samples?

    Thanks to anyone who knows this!

    Jerry Gerber http://www.jerrygerber.com

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    Re: Optimizing Windows 98 for Gigastudio

    Hi Jerry:

    Just follow similar steps to those you used for Win95. You might also check out 98Lite, which does a very stripped down installation of Win98. It has worked well for me although others on this forum have dissed it: http://www.98lite.net


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