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Topic: Is piano learning easy

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    Re: Is piano learning easy

    It takes practice to master, but not super hard to get started and learn few simple songs. Just try it, dont ask people if its easy or not.

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    Re: Is piano learning easy

    I think it is easy but if you do not hear music and do not feel it you can have a problem to quickly learn to play. In every other case all you will have to do is practice, practice and practice!
    To want to, is to be able to.
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    Re: Is piano learning easy

    Everiything is easy if you desire. That may concern to learninng any... thing. So if you really want to master a new skill - you will. Just practice. There are a lot of tutorials for study like this one:

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    Re: Is piano learning easy

    Quote Originally Posted by nonaram View Post
    hello all,
    Please tell me is the piano learning is easy?Can anyone learn easily or special knowledge is required?
    I think anyone can learn to play if they are willing to commit. I do recommend you getting a teacher. You will definitely progress much faster. You can combine what you learn from a teacher with great resources out there on the web for free. I recommend you check out YouTube tutorials and also music blog articles offering useful music theory. Here is a good example of a blog article http://www.doremistudios.com.au/read...music-quickly/

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    Re: Is piano learning easy

    The biggest barrier to learning the piano is time. I floundered, slipped and fell, picked myself up a couple of times and made very little progress until I was thrown in the deep end by getting hired as summer relief in a local bar. 2 nights a week and I thought they wanted my guitar... nope. Piano.

    I almost quit weekly that summer. I also almost got fired weekly. But after about 1,000 hours of being forced (work and home) to make music, something clicked, and progress began to happen.

    I wound up running the entertainment division in the operation for nearly a decade, and was even decent enough to accompany Bob Hope when he found his way to our little corner of the city one evening. We felt our way through "Birth of the Blues" and of course, "Thanks for the Memories", after which he told me I should keep it up and I'd get better at it.

    So now I am a piano player. Still not a good one, but I get by. Oddly, my guitar chops have slipped of late.


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