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Topic: Jeff ?

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    Re: Jeff ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lylo View Post
    Jeff, this is not exactly the problem I highlights.

    I do not think this is the spirit of Steinway.

    (translated by Google)
    Although I have been out of the piano business for the last 30 years, I worked for S&S back in the 70s in a technical capacity. The basic technology for the instruments hasn't changed since the late 20's! The only significant engineering since then was the introduction of "Permafree Action" AKA Teflon bushings. This was an unmitigated disaster, the things never worked the way the way they were supposed to. After I left S&S, I made a LOT of money repinning "clicky" actions. Even so, it still bothered me. I'm not a big fan of poor engineering in any environment.

    The bottom line is that S&S has not really been a technologically innovative company for the better part of a century.

    OTOH, Garritan has done an outstanding job of delivering innovative (and very cost effective) products with a very small team. Kudos!


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    Re: Jeff ?


    Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa has improved to the result we see today, when this result was atteind he stopped painting.
    But it has not stopped painting before.
    That's the spirit.
    Thank you ...

    (translated by Google)

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