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Topic: Any recorder samples?

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    Any recorder samples?

    Hi, I\'ve been looking for a recorder sample for a couple of weeks and can\'t
    seem to find any. I didn\'t the think the recorder was an obscure instrument.
    Looking for a solo sample that could be played in a small chamber group. Need
    multi-sampling (or is it multi-layering, I\'m getting drunk with too much info).
    Think it would sound great with Nick\'s awesome QLB piccolo trumpet!


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    Re: Any recorder samples?

    How soon do you need them?
    I might could have something put together in a week. e-mail me as a reminder in a few days

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    Re: Any recorder samples?

    Peri, i\'d greatly appreciate anything. I\'m not in any rush. Still trying to wade through about 20 books on harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration--the old home-schooling system! So, do you play the recorder or have musician friends/co-workers/minions?? I\'ll give you an email later this week, but again no rush.



    --I couldn\'t remember my home password here at work yesterday so i had to create a new username \"GigaStud\" but I\'m really ritzdegato. Sorry, for any confusion, I don\'t know where the hell I came up with my password--must\'ve been drunk or something.

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    Re: Any recorder samples?

    There is a nicely priced library with old instruments (percussion, strings and woodwinds, including recorders) which is called \"Early Patches\". You can choose between two formats: akai and soundfont. You need GigaStudio if you want to import soundfonts.

    You can find much information (including reviews) on the website of the developer:

    The CDRom can be ordered from Best Service in germany. They also have a free demo audio cd which includes about 10 audio tracks that demonstrate the sounds of Early Patches.

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