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Topic: Playing gig samples on something else

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    Playing gig samples on something else

    I have a number of samples in the gig format - I could play them on an old Emu sampler, but that sampler is no longer available. What's the best way now to be able to use the samples? Did Garritan ever modify Aria to play them? Does something like Kontakt actually work with them? Is it best to use Chicken Systems to convert them to another format?


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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    The next version of Aria will work:


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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    the Aria plug in sounds VERY exciting
    I've been hoping that Garriton would take this on.

    I hope it'll make our Giga sample libraries viable again, but now in a 64 bit environment!
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    Box 2: Windows XP (32-bit) (Pentium 4, 320 GHz, 2G-RAM) running Gigastudio3 ONLY!
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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    try samplelord....loads gigs without converting them

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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    mainly i use g player for this

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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolash View Post
    mainly i use g player for this

    I'm telling u...try it .....you will like samplelord much better....it sonuds more open then the other giga players....and most of all it opens the split giga format gigs...like gx01 files


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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    I'm impressed with Soundlib and Gplayer. Bernard, who you can speak to by calling the support number is really committed to upgrading Gplayer. He was sharing with me the next coming updates and I was really impressed.

    Recently, I had a bug and emailed Soundlib. The fix was up in 1 day.

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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    The recent version of the Gplayer is great. Unlike in Gigastudio 3, where a stacked instrument was largely frozen as you had it when you created it, with the Gplayer you can tweak them easy. I was reading that the talks between Garritan and Soundlib did not result in an agreement, which is, respecting the, to us unknown, reasons for this , is a loss to both side. The Aria player could learn from G-player and G-player could adopt a lot of Aria players nice features. I use both of them but it would be better to combine the two or at least GPO sounds could be playable on G-player. I am sure Garritan knows that a lot of superior sound samples are available in Giga format, making GPO and Ariaplaying them would be a good selling point for it, given the excellent convolution feature, missing from G-player.
    Try G-player if you have Giga libraries.


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    Re: Playing gig samples on something else

    Agreed Ted. I'm still baffled that my Giga samples out perform newer samples. I suppose it's because Giga was around late enough to benefit from technology that it still can rival modern samplers. For example, I purchased Miroslav (IK MULTI). I loved it however, I notice a difference in the flutes which I have in both formats. My Gigastudio Miroslav flute sounds clearer and crisper than the IK MULTI. The breath in IK's version alomst sounds like distortion (but it's not) where the breath in Giga is CRYSTAL. I was shocked. I'm not sure what to make of it. For a long time I thought it was ONLY the quality of the sample taken but apparently the sampler playback engine does make a difference.

    Gplayer has been fantastic and I'm supporting it. Bernard is open to ideas to upgrades and I love that in a product. Reminds me of Sonic Foundry in their early days with Vegas. Now because of their listening they have one of the best video editors on the market. I hope Gplayer takes that same path.

    As for Aria, is it already playing .gig files? I didn't know they released it yet.

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