Hello all!

I am trying to convert some related program/samples from the Ultimate Strings Collection(Akai format) using the “combine to gig” feature in the S-converter. I have the following programs:


According to the sample library manual, the “Slo” programs are for slow legato passages and the “Leg” are for fast legato passages, arpeggios, fast trills and scales. I realised that to make all these six programs accessible real-time from my midi controller, I have to combine them into a single GIG program. However I noticed that this function will map similarly named programs with velocity splits into a single “dimension”. I.e., I can only trigger them by using velocity when playing. In the example above the six programs will be grouped into two, with the SLO ones in one dimension and the LEG ones in another, separated by the Mod wheel.

But I feel that using velocity to play strings is not only difficult but also unrealistic in expression, especially after the enlightening article by film composer Rupert Gregson-Williams in Keyboard Magazine (I think?) which I stumbled upon at the Harmony Central website.

Anyway, his technique was to program the p, mf and f programs such that they are triggered by the relative position of the Mod Wheel. According to him, this will greatly enhance the control, expressiveness and realism especially when doing crescendos. He recommends not using crossfades to switch programs but instead each (louder) program is layered onto the existing one(s) as the player brings up the Mod Wheel.

So finally coming to my question: How can I tweak the S-Converter or use other means in order to layout the related string programs the way I want it? As far as I know, unless I import waves from the Akai programs and lay them out myself (and risk missing the vital loop point info embedded in the Akai program), there is no way for users to make the S-Converter/GS Editor to organise existing Akai programs into a GIG instrument in their own custom ways.

Any ideas on workarounds or did I miss reading a page in the GS manual that spells out exactly how this can be done?