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Topic: Stop Nemesys bashing!

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    Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Please stop this Nemesys bashing. We get very bad vibes on this forum and I myself consider to stay away for a while. I understand why Nemesys won\'t reply to this list if they have to read so negative posts.
    And it\'s not just Nemesys it hurts - don\'t you think the developers fell bad now?

    It seems not to be a coincidence that the VERY NEGATVE posts comes from new member (Jan. 2001) I wonder : do they own a Nemesys product at all - or is it simply tasteless business slander from Emagic/Steinberg people?

    I think it would be wise to consider dleting these negative threads as they have no other purpose than \"killing\" Nemesys.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Sorry - but I don\'t read anything that is particularly negative. People on this forum - and rightly so - should be concerned that their product and more importantly their libraries will have a migration path to the best solution, whether that be Nemesys or not. Competition is good. You don\'t need to molly-coddle Nemesys. I think they have done something quite innovative, but don\'t let them rest on their laurels. This is - after all - a competitive industry, not a garden fete!

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    In most cases, these forums show the negative or ugly side of products. Many of us are here to find answers to problems or questions we have.

    But, I have had very good results with GS160. It\'s sure been painful for me using GS160 since it was first released. But so have Cakewalk Pro Audio, Steinberg VST, Ensoniq PARIS, and Wavelab. Each of those other products have flaws too. I\'ve said many curse words out loud about those products when they claimed to have a specific features they did not deliver. I think this is just the way the bleeding edge of computer technology is right now. New computer products just need more time to grow.

    However, on a positive note, GS160 working very well with 2.01.26. Speed is there, sound quality is there, and I can record audio direct to disk without the introduction of line noise. Those were the features I wanted. So for me, this product rocks! Sorry not everyone has good experiences with this thing.

    Happy GigaStudioing...

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I have had very positive experience with GigaStudio 160. While making \"The Scarbee J-Slap\" (www.scarbee.com) I had GigaStudio 160 and Giga-Editor, running at the same time as Logic Audio 4.6, SoundForge 4.5 and Explorer 5.5 and Outlook express. I have a P3 with 246 mb ram. And the J-Slap is a very complex Gig. with more than 900 samples. I had also loaded drume, perc, Rhodes etc. into Giga.
    Sometimes - always at the end of the day my computer crashes - but it is not Giga-related. Just Windows (98 SE)

    As for Emagic and steinberg: I used Cubase from 1988 (a different name, then), but converted to Logic 4 years ago, because it was ver buggy. I was a betatester for Emagic for 3 years and it was/is buggy too. Though reporting the same bug for years - nothing happens. So Nemesys products has bugs - which software hasn\'t? It would be foolish to believe that the new samplers from Emagic and Steinberg will be bug free... that\'s a laugh. I am on the logic audio forum - and believe me - there are bugs - even on the \"perfect\" macs.
    Some years ago I had virtual hell with Emagics Audiowerk for 3-4 month. I ended up replacing all parts in my computer, because Emagic told me that it couldn\'t be AW8 card which was the problem. They had sold 10000 cards and had NO complaints. At last I ask to swap the card with another AW8 - That solved the problem... And there were MANY others with the same problems for years.

    Custumer service is expensive and Emagic or Steinberg - even Digidesign has had a bad reputation for years. I was a digidesign custumer for years. (Session 8 and Samplecell)and it was not ver cool.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I had a minor problem at first with Gigastudio (installation), but I always got technical support immediately because I constantly bugged Nemesys by calling Kevin Anyway, Kevin has been way cool and helped me out everytime. I guess I\'m one of the few that does get good technical support from them.
    As far as Gigastudio goes, I have 2 word for it...IT ROCKS I\'ve had absolutely no problems at all with it since one minor problem I had when I installed it. It works like a dream now that I put in 256 megs of ram also.
    I think it\'s a real great piece of software once you have a computer and soundcard good enough to handle it.
    As for why you are hating Nemesys so much, I have to ask what speed is your computer and do you have 2 hard drives? One for programs and one for gigs and audio? This helps tremedously. No less then 128 megs of ram is also a must. A multiclient GSIF soundcard is a must also. I\'m sure you already know that though since they\'ve listed all of the soundcards that work best with Gigastudio on their website.
    Anyway, best of luck in whatever pursuit you make.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I love the Gigastudio also. I just worry that Nemesys doesn\'t have the muscle and resources to overcome the threat from Emagic and Steinberg.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I must tell-not only that! Gigastudio 160 works perfectly also on the computer with 128MB RAM, one 5400rpm harddisk with CD-ROM connected to the same IDE and no GSIF soundcard (Sounds Blaster 16 or Live). With such old soundcard and not too fast (and one for all-data+GIGs) harddisk, Gigastudio gets polyphony about 90 voices with no problems at all.

    [This message has been edited by Dis (edited 01-27-2001).]

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dis:
    I must tell-not only that! Gigastudio 160 works perfectly also on the computer with 128MB RAM, one 5400rpm harddisk with CD-ROM connected to the same IDE and no GSIF soundcard (Sounds Blaster 16 or Live). With such old soundcard and not too fast (and one for all-data+GIGs) harddisk, Gigastudio gets polyphony about 100 voices with no problems at all.

    Jeeminy, how are you guys getting these results?? With my 7200 rpm DiamondMax and separate drives for gigs and programs, GSt starts complaining at about 80 voices, and 100 voices without incident is rare (though it\'s been over 130 occasionally). What mb/cpu are you using?

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    I get up to 150-160 voices ocassionally, but that doesn\'t go without glitches, timing problems etc. But I can do 100-120 most of the time without any ****ups. HOWEVER I am pretty sure my new Athlon Tbird system can do it a lot better. I found out that the Via Apollo Pro chipset for Pentium CPU\'s is EXTREMELY slow at memory transfers. I have an Abit VA6 motherboard and I get about 150MB/sec. in SiSoft Sandra 2001, with my Athlon system I get about 500MB/sec.... So my next move must be to find a new motherboard with a better chipset for my P3 - maybe i815 or something. Haven\'t really researched the possibilities, but I\'m pretty sure this bad memory speed is the biggest problem on my P3 system.

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    Re: Stop Nemesys bashing!

    Asus CUSL-2C

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