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Topic: Using Garritan World Instruments

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    Using Garritan World Instruments

    Hi all,
    I'm thinking of getting Garritan World Instruments at some point but I understand there is no Sibelius soundset for it. How would I go about writing music and using the world instruments, would I have to export the Sibelius score as a midi into something like Cubase and run World instruments in there? I understand some of the exotic instruments can't be written for by conventional notation but the banjo, fiddle, mandolin would for example, but I assume as no soundset I can't just find them with Sibelius like the GPO4 instruments?

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    Re: Using Garritan World Instruments

    That's correct, Lynne, that there isn't a sound set for Garritan World in Sibelius.

    But as the Sib site says, "...Use any MIDI device without a sound set by setting up a Manual Sound Set..."

    You use Sib, but maybe you haven't clicked on the tabs before to set up Manual Sound Sets. Through that, I've added various VSTs that don't have sound sets when I work in Sib.

    Here's the link to Sib's online Forum:


    On that page, a user describes his method of going straight to an instance of Aria and setting up the World instruments he wants to use - but as he says, using his method means the instruments have to be set up each time. I don't know why he hasn't put a manual sound set together. His post begins with the words "The instruments will work with Sib 6.2 with a certain amount of Bodging."


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    Re: Using Garritan World Instruments

    Thanks again, that is very helpful info

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