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Topic: Controller Change ignored???

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    Controller Change ignored???

    I have encountered this strange problem which I am not sure if it\'s a software bug in Gigasampler or a problem with AKAI conversion of specific samples.
    Anyway.... I have this bass sample from Kirk Hunter strings (among others) which fails to update CC7 fluently - so I get a big jump in volume when I record CC7 changes. It simply seems to skip right from one CC to one about 1 second later, skipping all the values inbetween, and of course this sounds like crap.
    My question is then, since it seems to happen with specific samples, is there any place in the instrument editor where I could check for problems with reactions to controller changes? Some values that has to be specific for this to work or something?

    I\'d really appreciate some help, since this is driving me nuts.


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    Re: Controller Change ignored???

    Hey Simon,
    I don\'t have an answer, but this happens to me occasionally when I\'m entering the controller data graphically in Cubase in the key edit page because I forget to turn quantize off. I only get controller value changes on the quantize points. I figure that probably isn\'t your problem though.
    Good luck

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