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Topic: Gigastudio secrets

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    Gigastudio secrets

    Dear friends,

    All we know about magnificent sound of Gigastudio. Sometimes I try to solve it riddles. I am happy to present results of one my investigation of Gigastudio. I have compared the MIDI Volume slider algorithm in Gigastudio 3 and in Kontakt 4. It is fantastic! Now I understand why the volume slider in Gigastudio is so flexible! Maybe I am naive but look at this!!

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    Re: Gigastudio secrets

    Dear friends,
    It can load sample files up to 512 gigabytes in length. The first few milliseconds of each sample are loaded into RAM for instant playback, then the rest of the sample streams off of the hard drive. There are lots of Giga users with more than one machine. For orchestral work, the average number of Giga computers for working composers has often been four, one for each orchestral section, and possibly a fifth unit so that two computers can produce a larger strings section.The company discontinued the software in 2009; as of the time of publication, it had no plans to reintroduce GigaStudio and offered no support for the software.

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    Re: Gigastudio secrets

    Gplayer does the job just fine. I'm all for supporting it.

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    Re: Gigastudio secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by Auggybendoggy View Post
    Gplayer does the job just fine. I'm all for supporting it.
    I have been using samplelord for my gigs....and it does a nice job...norm.med and hq modes...and loads the large sounds

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    Re: Gigastudio secrets

    Gig players does the job...its the best...

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