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Topic: EG1 release times question

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    EG1 release times question

    I\'m trying to make a .gig where the drum sound samples play at full volume until the end of the sample, even after I release the key (this is how real drums work). The best I can do so far is set the release time to 60 seconds. Is this the only way?

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    Re: EG1 release times question

    How long are the drum samples?!!

    Setting release to 60\" is a good way to use up all your voices quickly Giga won\'t release a voice that\'s been fired until that 60\" is up....

    There is no \'one shot\' style envelope on Gigga - no way to set envelope level to full until the sample runs through its data and then into a release stage.

    Perhaps you can do this in your sequencer? setup some kind of transform function which alters short notes into incredibly long ones?

    Enough people have asked for this that it should go on the wish list.

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