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Topic: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

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    Crickets on the move. (wind quintet Re post)

    This uses GPO winds and F horn. I wanted this to be more whimsical but it did not turn out that way. Oh Well. I hope you enjoy it.

    I received some great suggestions for this piece and have attempted to incorporate some of them in this newer version. I tried to work with the dynamics (I am sure that I could have done more) and I tweeked the tempo changes a bit.


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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    This uses GPO winds and F horn. I wanted this to be more whimsical but it did not turn out that way. Oh Well. I hope you enjoy it.

    Hi, Jay - My wife and I listened to "Crickets" and really enjoyed it. Lots of clever lines and nice harmony work in it. It struck us as a hybrid of light classical and Ragtime.

    I see you're disappointed that the mood isn't what you'd been going for - it's not as "whimsical" as you wanted. - I have some thoughts on that:

    --I think to achieve more whimsy, this would need to be at a faster tempo. This pace is rather calm, staid. Picking it up considerably would start getting more of your whimsy.

    --The dynamics are very steady, so that not just the tempo, but everything about the recording seems calm, polite. With a dramatic use of shifting dynamic/volume levels, stressing the One, and I'm rather sure you'd be getting the more playful tone you were hoping for.

    But, whimsical or not, I think it's a nicely done composition, and both of us really enjoyed hearing it, so, Thanks!


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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Randy! Thanks for the advice on this. Your "Dorian" has many places of whimsey and playfulness and I plan to revisit it. Danny Elfman, to me, seems to have that kind of presentation mastered and I need to listen more to him also. I was thinking of a line of crickets marching along and I wanted the sound to be a little silly and playful. I agree with you that this is to reserved. I plan to use your advice and rework this piece a little.
    As always, thanks for your input. Jay

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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Well I don't know. I think it's pretty whimsical. The harmony supported that "mood" as well as the instrumentation. Now the "B" section where you go into a minor key isn't maybe so light.

    For my taste the grace notes might have been just a little overdone. I'm guessing that's one of the ways you were trying to achieve the feel you're after.

    Also agree with Randy on the dynamics. They could use some variety. These are fairly nitpicky things to say though. Overall it's a nice well constructed piece in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing
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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Steve! Thanks for the input and I am glad that you liked it. Without a doubt, I plan to revisit this piece and at the very least, work on the dynamics.
    Thanks for commenting. Jay

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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    I found personally that these wind quintets and variations there of, are very hard to pull off - and its hard to make them sound cohesive. The samples don't always mix nicely.

    But - not here. I agree theres a lack of dynamics in place, but its a really well constructed piece and every instrument playing its part really well. Nothing jarring and no harsh harmonics. Great job.
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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Thanks Plowking. I enjoy working with 4 and 5 part ensembles because pretty much any harmony can be explicitly or implicitly demonstrated. I find it good practice to work my way up to a more full orchestral ensemble, which I have never done. Someday I will get around to trying that.

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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    I enjoyed your "Crickets". I agree that more dynamics would help get the feeling you want. Not sure about the speed - a little faster might help but too fast and you might make it a mad merry-go-round - unless that is what you want - "Something Wicked This Way Comes" as by Danny Elfman. If so then you have to make the first beat in each phrase thundering (for woodwinds, of course).

    If you do make changes please post again.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    Trent! Thanks for listening and commenting. I find getting dynamics and tempo variation to fit a piece a music a little more challenging than I would like it to be. I have always been amazed at how good composers use these very important expressive techniques to bring life to their music. It is an art. I think that if I become more aware of its importance, I can get more expression from my music.

    I do plan to repost this piece when I have the opportunity to rework it.
    Thanks for the input.

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    Re: Crickets on the move. (wind quintet)

    I have re posted this piece with changes suggested by form members.

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