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Topic: Installing to a non-boot Hard Drive

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    Installing to a non-boot Hard Drive

    I have a G4 Macintosh 1.25 GHz and can only use one software instrument at a time. I would like to try to install my instruments on a separate HD, possibly one of the hi-speed SSD units. How should I go about moving my GPO sounds / Kontakt sounds to another HD such that my Cubase or Logic program can still find them? Maybe by use of an alias or shortcut file?

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    Re: Installing to a non-boot Hard Drive

    Well, Dadly - I hope someone with experience doing that sees your posts and offers help. I know a lot of people install sample sets on separate drives, but I've always been too chicken to do that -- having an external dying, with the retrieved data on it being scrambled is part of why I'm chicken.

    I also know that in some situations it's a very convoluted process, or it's seemed like it to me when I see people talking about it on Forums.

    It seems like it could be tricky since you already have the Libraries installed. I think it's going to call for a re-install, since during installation the installer asks where you want to have the samples parked - bbuuuut, I don't think it's as easy as that.

    Let's hope for someone with experience getting on this thread for you.


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