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Topic: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

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    Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    I'm trying to use GS3 in Rewire mode with Ableton Live as a host. I can play samples, but they are being cut off prematurely. No matter what I do to the system settings, and no matter which sample I try to play, the sample will start...play briefly (a bit more than 1/2 second)...then stop abruptly.
    - The meter within GS3 seems to indicate that the sound is still playing, but in Live, the signal level indicator accurately shows the note starting to play, then, when the sound stops, it drops to about half or a third of it's level and freezes.
    - This happens whether I use the GS3 virtual keyboard or an external midi keyboard.
    I hope someone can help me with this problem. I'm absolutely stuck.
    Felix Riviera

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    I don't know how to solve the problem, but I think by the way you describe it, that the part of the sample initially loaded into memory is playing, but isn't being followed up by the streaming from the drive where the samples are stored.

    Can you provide some details on what computer system this is running on?

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    Hello Ian,
    I'm so glad that there are still Giga users in the world, and with the same good will...helping others.

    I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 2. on a Quad Core I7 with 6 Gb of memory. Novation Audio Kontrol 1 Audio interface.

    I think you're on the right track, though I don't know if it's possible to change any settings regarding how much of each sample is "preloaded" into RAM. I do see the settings for Maximum number of voices, and the choice of how many voices are desired. this then changes the amount of memory devoted to loading samples, but this doesn't seem to do anything when I adjust it.

    Strangely the system has started to work in some situations. I just noticed this late last night. It may have to do with whether I start GS3 first and then Ableton Live, or do it the other way round. I thought that it absolutely wouldn't work if done the wrong way. I'm a little confused from banging my head over this problem for so many hours without results and then just last night finally getting some results, but not exactly sure in what situation.

    So I'm not out of the woods yet, but see that there's a possibility that I might be able to resurrect my old GS3 after all. (never used to have these problems when I last used GS3, but I was running with a GSIF compatible card then, not rewiring).
    Thanks for your reply,

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    I've actually never used GS in ReWire mode, but then I've always used it on separate PCs which I communicate with from a control PC using MidiOverLan. As a result, I've installed GSIF audio cards into the GS PCs (M-Audio Audiophile 192s and an Audiophile 2496) so it's not been an issue. The only problem I've had is that I can't get the samples to stream fast enough for anything above 48Khz without getting crackling during HDD access, which is probably down to the HDDs not being fast enough, despite being in a RAID 0 configuration. I might trial SSDs to see if they can do better.

    None of this helps you though. I presume you've done internet searches for any issues with ReWire mode? If not, then this link might help:


    As you're running 6GB memory, I presume you're using Windows XP 64Bit? If so, you may have problems simply because GS3 isn't 64 bit and was never intended to be so, so the audio driver components simply might not work. If you can find an upgrade to GS4, that could help.

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    Hi Ian,
    First - your predicament. I expect you've already done all the optimization tweaks for running under XP or Win7. If not, you'll find a great improvement in performance. Since you're using a RAID, I also expect that you know enough to put your samples on a different drive from that on which you have GS3 itself. I think, in your situation I'd try without RAID, just for the heck of it. I've always had some kind of problems setting up a usable RAID. As for the SSD...yes, absolutely, DO IT. The speed is just amazing. Big Difference.

    As for my misery...I just put myself out of my own misery. It does seem that the problem had to do with the order in which I started the programs, at least, the first time the two are run together (GS3 as a rewire and Live). Now the sounds play as they should. But not quite. Now, I get those horrible stuck notes, and even notes that don't start when sent a note-on. So I just threw in the towel and started using G-Player. It's great! I can still use GS3 to do the editing I can't do in G-Player, but as a sample player (VST or Stnad-alone) it's really terrific...allowing kew-switching and layering and ... well... for $150 it's a bargain. Absolutely stable, which we all know GS3 never was.
    Bye for now,

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    My RAID arrays on the GS3 PCs are independent of the operating system drives and only used for serving up the GS sound files, so are about as optimized as they can get, which is why I've been thinking about SSDs to replace them. But I need to do some testing as it could be that the old PCs are getting their PCI bus overloaded, rather than it being the RAID arrays being unable to deliver the necessary speed.

    As for G-Player, that may be an option I will look at for a couple of other PCs I want to turn into GS3 'servers', but as it now seems impossible to get new licence codes for GS3 (just the codes, not the software itself) then I will have to investigate other solutions and G-Player might be workable. My only worry would be that the PCs are old and not particularly fast or with lots of memory, so it could be that I won't get low enough latency due to it not being a kernel-based provision such as Gigastudio itself is.

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    Re: Sample starts to play, then stops after about 1/2 second.

    There's a full featured demo for G-player. (I can't remember its limitations). That should tell you whether or not it'll satisfy your needs.

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