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Topic: Pan + Volume reset when in GPO4 when midi playback begins

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    Question Pan + Volume reset in GPO4 when midi playback begins

    Hello all,

    I'm new to GPO4 and I'm facing a little beginner's problem here... I've done a few tests to sort it out and this is where I stand:

    1) I create a new instrument channel in my DAW (n-track) and assign it to the Aria Player VST.
    2) I create a small ensemble of three instruments.
    3) I set the volumes, pans, effect sends, etc... and save+close the song right there. No tracks created. When I reopen the song and access the Aria Player, my ensemble shows up with all the settings just as I left them. So far so good but then...
    4) I create a new midi track and assign the Aria Player as its instrument. No prob this far but as soon as I play a note on the keyboard, all Pan controls get centered and all volume sliders maximize.

    Even further, when the Aria Player gets engaged to a track, if you slide the volume down, it goes back up as soon as you release it like if it was spring loaded :-(

    I hope you can help me out !

    Thanks in advance :-)


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    Re: Pan + Volume reset when in GPO4 when midi playback begins


    I see a lot of views but no responses so this must be a pretty strange situation.

    Garritan and n-track (my sequencer) support people helped me out so I'm posting the solution just in case some one else runs into this:

    The midi track is sending and over riding the volume and pan slider values to the Aria Player in GPO4.

    If any one needs further info, just ask.

    Cheers !


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