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Topic: I have not been here lately!

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    I have not been here lately!

    I have not been around much lately.
    I dropped in now and then, but not much seemed to be happening, so I wandered away.
    I am enjoying my "retirement".
    I wrote one new children's musical last January - "Pets!".
    It is cute, but has not been performed yet - it will eventually.

    I am continuing to do my composer/writer school visits around Indiana.
    They are fun to do - the teachers and kids love it and it pays pretty well.
    Susie says it is the perfect job for me - I get to talk about myself and sing my songs. : )

    Next week I am putting a promo video on my YouTube Channel:

    There are various videos there as well that "might" be entertaining to someone.

    I am working on new projects for the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial
    A K-6 curriculum for the 200th birthday of Indiana - music, drama, DVDs, posters and more. I will also be doing 2 different one-man shows for school convocations starting in a year or so.

    And I have a new hobby - running.
    I started last January and I have now run 10 5ks, a 5 and 10 miler, half marathon and last Saturday my first full marathon at the age of 60. I did not set any records, but whether you run fast or slow - you still run 26.2 miles! I have a video of it on my YouTube channel. I also did a 30 mile ultra race last August. I have a trail marathon on December 3 and a 50 mile trail run next August. I have a few more pounds to shed and that will happen as I train for the 50 miler. Susie rides her bike along when the weather is nice.

    Hope all is well with those still around here.


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    Re: I have not been here lately!

    Good grief Charles! I'm still gasping for air thinking about running 50 miles. Good for you!

    I've started running a bit myself, although my application is to do sprint duathlons. I've always been a cyclist and am just starting to do some running. Running distances are 5k's on either end of a 10k bike ride. I did one in late summer and it was a blast.

    Anyway good to hear from you and glad you're busy musically as well.
    Steve Winkler GPO4 JAAB3 Finale 2012 Reaper Windows 7 Pro 64-bit VSL SE+

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    Re: I have not been here lately!

    Charles! Excellent to hear from you - I remember your last update post, many months ago now- It was great to see you back then, talking about your retirement and your Marathon enthusiasm - but >poof!< - you were gone again.

    We understand the absence - We talk about it once in awhile here, how the Garritan Forum pages are pretty quiet now. We imagine that conversation will pick up when the new Libraries Gary is developing start being released. Hope you peek in once in awhile to catch the news about new things as they're made available.

    Meanwhile, it is super to hear about your happenings - I'm not surprised that you're busy as ever, writing shows, visiting the local schools, running. Quite some time ago I knew you are one Energetic guy!

    Thanks for the post, Charles - Do look in once in awhile. I find myself often wondering how you're doing, now I know--Thanks!


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    Re: I have not been here lately!

    I have yet to run a marathon after many years of hiking/running. So I'm impressed with you finishing a full marathon at 60 years. I'll be 54 next month.

    I just did the Phoenix Summit Challenge last weekend which is about 6,000 feet of climbing and 23 miles in length. You basically hike up to 7 different summits on different mountains in Phoenix and you have 11 hours to complete in 1 day. I finished in just over 8 hours. Would have had better times but I had major calf cramping issues going up the last summit. Was about 150 feet from the top and both decided to knot up at the same time which I've never had happen before. Rested for 15 minutes before going up to the top.

    I don't think I'll do the challenge in the future after taking a few weeks vacation as I missed almost 4 weeks of hiking before the challenge. Another thing that is rough in the Summit Challenge is the driving between mountains. Hit a traffic jam because of construction and Friday rush hour. So my muscles were really tight once I hit the next mountain.

    I'm thinking of doing a 50k run/hike in February which includes 8200 feet of climbing. Definitely need to do some training for that one.

    Good luck in the 50 milers.


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    Re: I have not been here lately!

    And here I was thinking that cycling 40 kms is a lot... brrr...

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