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Topic: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

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    Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    I'm in on the Kirk Hunter Group Buy, but not sure what would best suit my needs.
    I liked the "Pop / Rock strings" demo's very much.
    They seem to be a 'lite' version of "Concert Strings II", so my question is:
    Can "Concert Strings" reproduce the same type feel as the "Pop / Rock Strings"?
    (Aside from the 'disco' samples), Or will they tend to sound more Classical.

    Concert Brass - same question about the sound.

    My stuff is Pop / lite Rock - Jazz - Blues
    I might do some Jazz-Rock orchestral stuff but no heavy classical.

    at 75% off
    Pop / Rock Strings - 62
    Concert Strings II - 200
    Concert Brass - 87
    Diamond Orch - 137

    I own Komplete 8 (without Session Strings) - East West Symphony Orchestra Silver
    Garriton Personal Orchestra vs 1 - Omnisphere


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    I've been looking at the choices too. I bought Kirk's solo strings a few years ago and those are cool.

    I'm thinking about buying the quarter divisions from the concert strings... which I think are essentially chamber strings. That would come in handy for me for pop stuff and at a nice price. Not sure if those have sordinos and also include tvec3. Sort of confusing to navigate the site.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    Concert Strings II can do everything Pop/Rock Strings can, but the sound is a little different.
    I decided to buy the whole package @ $425 once they get 18 more people to reach the 75% off price.

    I think the quarter sections include TVEC 3, but you can email Kirk. He responds pretty quickly.

    I finally figured out if you click on the Kirk Hunter Logo, it takes you to another page with more info.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    Just to be clear, the Kirk Hunter Studios Group Buy has more than 300 participants. This means that all advertised products for the group buy is at 75% off. THIS is pretty cool in my books.

    Regarding which string package to get, at this point being 75% off the usual price, I'd go for the Kirk Hunter Studio Concert Strings 2 library. It is my understanding that each note has its own set of samples, unlike the "lighter" Pop/Rock/Session string version (forgot the actual name of the "lighter" string library). I may be wrong but it's my understanding that the "Pop/Rock/Session" string version has samples spread over two or more notes.The Concert Strings 2 library is highly configurable which should enable the user to get real close to that "pop-rock" string sound.

    I know that I've said this before, but his libraries blend well with other libraries. At least they do to my modest ears and sequencing capabilities. I comfortably use the Kirk Hunter Studio libraries right along with GPO, JABB and other instrumental libraries that I own.

    So. . . for anyone considering on going into this particular Group Buy, I say, "Go for it!!" At 75% off the usual price, it is a great deal for great instrumental libraries!!!
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    I've already downloaded the "Diamond Orchestra" package and "Concert Brass II".
    I'm downloading "Concert Strings II" now. That's $1,700 worth of Libraries for $425.
    The "Pop / Rock Strings" lite version is $62, but I don't think I'll need it.

    Groove3.com has a one year all access pass to all their training videos for $99.00
    which includes some on using Libraries like this.



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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    I am thinking of getting CB2, I am curious to hear people's reactions to this library and its sound and functionality.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Group Buy: What to Get

    Quote Originally Posted by Seyfried9 View Post
    Concert Strings II can do everything Pop/Rock Strings can, but the sound is a little different.
    This is not quite true. E.g. KHPS (TVEC III) includes so called short note "disco effect"
    which the KHCSII doesn´t. Then you may wan´t to know that the full KHCSII includes
    different vibrato styles which feature is not incuded to the KHCSII separate sections sets. H.

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