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Topic: Sound Forge 5.0 free beta version

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    Sound Forge 5.0 free beta version

    For those interested, Sonic Foundry has a free public beta version of Sound Forge 5.0 for download. It\'s 24 bit/192 k, has built-in CD ripping and burning, includes Acoustic Mirror and batch conversion, and a loss-less audio compress they call \"Perfect Clarity\" audio. This version is fully tional and expires on March 19, 2001.

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    Re: Sound Forge 5.0 free beta version

    A bit buggy in beta stages I\'m noticing, but I\'m willing to bet the final non-beta version will be slick! We\'ll see...I\'m very happy with the fact that it supports 24-bit audio now!


    Sonic Control http://www.soniccontrol.com

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    Re: Sound Forge 5.0 free beta version

    Beware Win 95 die hards (Like me)
    THIS IS A WIN 98 only

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