I've been using Kontakt since version 2 and are quite familiar with the different modulation possibilities. I use Kontakt 4.2.4 at the moment.

I know of course how to add a Pitch mod if it's not included from start (which it normally is) but for some reason it doesn't work with the VSL library included with Kontakt. Or more specifically, the 'Legacy VSL instruments' work fine, but 'VSL strings', 'VSL Brass' etc (anything with a fancy, blue GUI) not so much.

A mono aftertouch is included for adjusting the pitch, along with the regular one. However, only the aftertouch works. That's why I suspect it's a bug, and/or maybe something to do with the script (a universe I have not yet explored). I can basically control pitch with anything (velocity anyone?) except the pitch bend...

If I have two instruments, one 'normal' that work fine with pitch bend and one blue VSL that don't, the pitch bend wheel in the 'show keyboard' at the bottom of the GUI follows my movement when the normal instrument is solo. If I solo the VSL, no movement at all.

Although fun, it's not very useful to control pitch with velocity etc. Any ideas? Am I missing something fundamental here?