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Topic: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

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    Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    You're right. Sounds beautiful as an orchestral piece.

    Great job on arranging it.
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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    Michel, absolutely wonderful. For this Tuesday evening the right mood. I play it again. That opening motiv with the Cor anglais is fabulous. It sets the whole piece.

    Thank you for posting,

    Raymond Robijns
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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata


    Beautifully orchestrated! And as amazing is the speed in which you rendered and orchestrated it! I'm impressed.

    If I were to hear this not knowing who wrote it, I would never of guessed you. Really a treat to see another side of your compositional prowess.

    The mood, sensitivity, and motion of it reminds me of Ravel's "Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte" but with a totally unique melody, which I might add, I like as much as the forementioned.


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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    It's a great moment - Here on the Forum we watched you get the itch to orchestrate at least some of your "little sonata"---And now you've sat down and done just that. You Must be happy with it as an orchestral piece. With the full treatment you've given this movement, it now says that much more in only the way an orchestra can.

    Loving this as I play it again. So, Michel - now you turn to the other movements?


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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata


    Thanks for your post. I've really been glad to see you joining in here at the Forums. I love finding enthusiastic threads like this one. I couldn't ask for anything more than this outpouring of your beautiful talent.


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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    thank-you all.

    yes, I've actually gotten the itch to orchestrate the other movements now...

    I do find orchestrating frustrating. mostly because, well, it's just impossible to get anything for orchestra played these days.

    the final movement of the little sonata will be relatively easy to orchestrate... it's already quite "orchestral" in sound.

    I think the first movement will cause me a tiny bit more trouble... I guess a tiny bit of trouble is to be expected from a little sonata!

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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    Really nice!! There is such nice movement in the parts, and it makes the piece really flow so smoothly.

    I noticed a couple of spots that could be patched up in the rendering if you are interested. PM me and I will point them out.

    Thanks again for posting.


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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    Hi Michel.
    You've done a great job composing, orchestrating and rendering this.

    I will check the original piano one - I must confess - I missed.
    The string sound is beautiful: I'm still wandering around at how to come close to it.
    And now for the remaining movements!
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    Re: Orchestrated Adagio from little sonata

    Michel! This is a wonderful piece and it is also a marvelous presentation of the use of Garritan libraries. It is very inspiring. I love the dramatic build around the middle of the piece. The key change was sublime. I have never written something with this setting, and now I want to attempt it. I have downloaded the mp3 for a more critical listening to hear what you did to make it sound like it does. Thank you so much for posting it.

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