Charybdis is an epically sampled washing machine, sampled from inside the barrel of the washer. 247 Mb of various percussive hits, creeks, and ambiances have all been deeply sampled and processed, for a large, epic sound.

The library contains:
Finger hits: 10x round robin, 5 velocities
Fist hits: 10x round robin, 5 velocities
Reverse hits: 10x round robin, 5 velocities
Lid hits on microphone boom: 10x round robin, 5 velocities
Crumpling paper inside the washer that sounds like rainfall: 2 versions
Washer running: with release sample
6 different creaks and groans

demos here:
Note the usage of the crumpling paper sound in the first and last demos, which sounds like falling water.

Charybdis is available from Sampleism for £11.99 or approximately $19.20 US.
Order here:

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