This is mostly in reference to The Listening Room - but since posts there should be just about the music, I'm posting this here.

Once in awhile I see threads that are very old, 1, 2 years and older, being suddenly boosted to the top in The LIstening Room. When someone has re-discovered something they haven't heard before, it's great when they add a new reply and bring the thread back to the top.

When it's one of our own threads that we revive out of the archives, it doesn't seem quite appropriate - does it? If we have a re-worked version of a piece to post -rather than reviving the old, original thread, along with the pages of old posts in response to it- It'd be so much better for our new work to have its own thread. New mix, new re-scoring - new thread!--seems the best idea to me. Using the old thread with all the old responses seems potentially confusing to me, and it skews the current status of posts on the Forum.

Just passing on something that struck me, not a major issue, but thought posting about it could perhaps be helpful.