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Topic: Please help me identify the music

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    Please help me identify the music

    In the first lesson entitled "General Review" there are three videos of a live orchestra playing. The three examples are entitled:

    1. Video of Violins Playing in an Orchestra
    2. Video of Cellos Playing in an Orchestra
    3. Video of Double Basses Playing in an Orchestra

    There is no information given as to the name of the music or the composer. I would love any information about this music. If you know please tell me the name of the work/music and the composer. Please, please, please.


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    Re: Please help me identify the music

    For some reason the videos no longer work for me but the song USED to be (probably still is) "Knights and Magic" by Richard Birdsall. Several years back he won a contest on this very site with the grand prize of having your piece performed by a live orchestra. Hence the videos of the performance.
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    Re: Please help me identify the music


    The composer name is "Knights" and Masic given by "Richard Birdsall".


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