I have several orchestral packages EW, VSL, Garritan, Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

None of them do what I need

Cubase 6's Expression maps and note expression now makes it possible to apply cc's to individual notes and allow for the changes of samples/ articulations for every sngle note.
Its now possible to have a single staff with different articulations legato/ stacatto etc and even apply custom tweaking. Let's hope other Sequencer Big Boy's follow.

We now need an Orchestral VST/RTAS etc to match these developments

Let me imagine what this would be

Instead of dividing instruments into banks of articulations e.g. 'strings marcato'

Lets have a single multi VST which can switch interfaces according to the instrument.

EW have different interfaces for the same multi in their PLAY instrument, I am imagining something similar but instrument specific.

Lets think of violins. Such an interface would determine the following

a] What violin is selected
b] How many of these instruments are sounded (perhaps parameters to introduce slight delays etc)
c] What articulations are loaded into RAM - the same instance using as many or as few articulations as are required.
d] Meaningful cc parameters that musically effect the sound in a musical way (which could then be used in the expression map technology

Each instrument requires approaching in a different way a trombone or a violin could have slide/portmento parameters, where this is impossible for wind instruments such as flutes. Some instruments are only monophonic others, poly. Vibrato fx are different depending on the mechanisms used to create them fingers for strings, embrouchure for brass and strings.
Percussion instrument could benefit from custom controls for each type of intruments.
An individual interface for each type of instrument - custom designed so it is instantly apparent how it is used to a player of the real instrument - having all the parameters required for that instrument and no others.

The package as a whole could be sold in two ways. Firstly a full orchestra could be sold, then a basic orchestra with only the basic articulations.
Secondly individual instruments could be sold as seperate packages - allowing for the additon of extra more exotic instruments,
If it were also possible to open source the technology, then it would make it posible for developers to sample many different oboes, clarinets etc, and these could be very useful add ons for a particular desired sound.

Anyway, I for one hope things go this way.

Steinberg, please build it.

Articulations like stacatto are NOT single articulations. Just because they are marked on the score in a uniform way there are many types