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Topic: Multi-layered samples

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    Multi-layered samples

    A few months back I posted a composition and was called out for having "the machine gun" effect in that I had not varied the samples. This was actually something I wanted to do but I didn't know how. It's my understanding that you can vary this with one of the controllers but I'm clueless as to which one. What I'm wondering though is, how exactly do you accomplish this? Do you just turn up one of the controller knobs or is it something similar to the way you vary the timbre with the CC1 controller? I use Sonar and in every instrument I create dynamics drawing "mountains and valleys" in the piano roll view so as to allow the music to breathe. Is that what needs to be done with the variability controller? Also, does altering the velocity of the note change the sample or merely the attack? I know on the Piano it varies the entire sample but for strings and brass it almost sounds like it's the same sample only with a varied attack. I messed with one of the variability controllers, though I can't remember which one, and I noticed that I was getting different samples but some of them weren't exactly in tune. How can I get sample variance to avoid the machine gun effect?

    Thanks for the help. I have to say that this is one of the best forums I have ever posted in. The moderators are fantastic and the members are very willing to help each other.


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    Re: Multi-layered samples

    Hey Dane,

    You'd have to check the GPO4 manual to get the specific controller number, but the Variation1 and Variation2 affect timbre and attack. I think they are controllers 21 and 22 respectively but I'm not positive.

    Anyway you can insert a controller message probably in the piano roll or event view in Sonar. You'll have to experiment with what value as a little goes a long way.
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    Re: Multi-layered samples

    Hi Dane, CC's 22 and 23 both control 'Variation' which can be used to remove the machine-gun effect. I use them sparingly, about 15% or so, but its down to personal tweaking and testing to see. You can see what happens when they are up high, they are pitch bending the samples in order to vary the repeated notes.

    Not quite as natural as a good round robin sample but they do a good job of removing the MG effect anyway.
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