JABB3+Sibelius 7 - how to make the snare stim (rolling brushes) to be played?
Tried to ask the question in the JABB forum with no reply, I'll try here.

question is more to Sibelius users - but maybe one of you had the chance to experience Jabb3+Sibelius7:
If I'm using Sibelius with Sibelius sounds - in order to hear the continuing snare stim rolling brush - I just need to use the snare note with notation type="shape note 5" (or alt+shift+20).

When I open sibelius7 and choose instrument from Jabb3 - I have no problems with pitched sounds, but when I choose unpitch sounds like drums - there is no connection between the note the I choose on sibelius and the actual note played on the Jabb3.
Therefore - when using Jabb sound "01-Brush Drum set 1", If I press on the Aria engine on note C#1 - I can hear the beutiful continuing stim brush rolling snare,
but none of the notes in Sibelius7 generates this C#1 note inside JABB.
After reading the JABB User manual -
I tried several ways to produce this sound by sending ~C1 message or trying adding "BRSH" to the note, even played with the allocation of the sameples Engine inside sibelius - but none seems to work.

My questions are:
1) Does anyone could generate this stim snare sound from Sibelius?
BTW, There are other JABB drum notes that I couldn't generate through Sibelius.
2) Is there anyway to map the drums keys chromatically in parrallel to the real keys of the Garritan JABB?
I mean - when choosing the note "C#1" in Sibelius -
it will actually play the sound of this note in JABB?
D will play D, etc...
I found out in Sibelius Edit Instrument that I can choose in strument to be Chromaticaly but the instruments I can choose under "best instrument" are just the real chromatic instruments (horns, saxs, keyboards, guitar...) - no drums.

Please help
thanks in advance