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Topic: Bug with Contrabass Clarinet Solo

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    Bug with Contrabass Clarinet Solo

    I was playing around with some of the less common instruments in GPO 4.0.2 and I found that if I added the Contrabass Clarinet Solo in Finale's Setup wizard the Contrabass showed up as just another Bb Clarinet (not contrabass) with the inherent transposition with of course produces no audible tones, because it is simply too high for the Contrabass to play.

    To get around this, I set the staff properties (I'm using Finale 2011) to a staff with the Bass clef 8ma and to transpose that to a treble clef two octaves up and into Bb.

    That results in the top playable GPO note displaying as G# an octave above middle C, playing as the F# below middle C.

    I am unsure, but this sounds like a problem with GPO, not Finale.

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    Re: Bug with Contrabass Clarinet Solo

    I do not think it is a problem with GPO but a problem with Finale. The instrument that Finale brings into the score is in deed the contra bass clarinet. However, Finale is not transposing it correctly. If you check the transposition in the "Staff Tool", you will see that it has only transposed the instrument as a Bb Clarinet. If you look at the lists of transpositions, you will also see that the transposition list only has two Bb transpositions (clarinet/trumpet plus Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax[which is an octave lower than the clarinet/trumpet transposition]). There is no transposition for the contra bass clarinet which is yet another octave lower than the bass clarinet. I transposed the part to the proper octave for Contra Bass in the staff attributes window and the Contra Bass plays correctly. So, Finale never dealt with the contra bass clarinet and never put in the proper transposition for it to be used.

    Like you said, it is not a commonly used clarinet but Finale does give you a way to put the proper transposition in for the part and you can change the name of the instrument at the same time in the staff attributes window.

    I hope this explanation helps.
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    Re: Bug with Contrabass Clarinet Solo

    This is a really simple fix. Find the "gpofull4instrument.txt" file in the Finale VST folder, scroll down until you find the Contrabass clarinet, and replace "Clarinet in Bb" with "Contrabass Clarinet" in the instrument type.
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    Re: Bug with Contrabass Clarinet Solo

    Hey, I figured out these files come from the MakeMusic (Finale) support site, so it's really on their end, or so it seems.

    Anyway, not a big deal, but I figure I'd through it out there.

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