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Topic: Question about GPO4 notation instruments

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    Question about GPO4 notation instruments

    I'have bought GPO4, very nice orchestra with good sounds, but I wonder why standars instruments have "auto legato" feature available and notation instruments not.
    It's very strange...

    Furthermore, tremolo and trills seems do not work properly on solo violins (Gagliano solo etc.) and work perfectly on ensmble strings

    Best regards


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    Re: Question about GPO4 notation instruments

    From p. 51 of the ARIA Player manual:

    Auto-Legato Controls (including auto-trills)

    Auto-Legato is a convenient way to create smooth legato note transitions
    whenever note overlaps are present. This feature automatically detects note
    overlaps and applies changes to the attack and decay characteristics of the
    note transitions. There is one control button.

    On/Off button. This activates/disables Auto-Legato. The button lights when
    activated. This switch can also be controlled using CC#102.

    This control also provides auto-trills. This is an extremely convenient way to create trills.From a
    MIDI keyboard, just hold the first note of the trill while pressing and lifting the second note of the
    trill and the two notes will alternate.

    Please note that Auto-Legato works monophonically and can cause loss of that instrument’s ability to
    play chords (polyphonically). Auto-Legato is mainly for use as an easier way to achieve legato. You may
    get better results with manual techniques, though they take more effort.

    Also, please note that if you
    are using a notation program, legato is handled in a different way and corresponds to CC#68.
    I haven't tried to repro your other issue. What are you using (for software) when you discover this?

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    Re: Question about GPO4 notation instruments

    If you're using Finale 2011 or a previous version, this part of the Finale Manual may help:


    String instruments: trills (Full GPO): By default, the sampled trills included in GPO's string instruments are not enabled in Human Playback. Instead, Human Playback creates its own trills. This allows Human Playback to intelligently choose the trill interval, style, and speed based on the musical context. Human Playback can even make a trill speed up or slow down over time. Many find Human Playback trills more musically satisfying than the sampled trills, but if you prefer the sampled trills, it's easy to enable them - just go to the Instrument Techniques & Effects pane of the Control+ Playback Preferences dialog box, select the "Strings: 1/2 tone trill" technique (in the "Garritan: Strings" section) and check "Use this Technique." Also do the same for "Strings: 1 tone trill." Human Playback will now use keyswitched (sampled) trills for string instruments.

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    Re: Question about GPO4 notation instruments

    Thanks for your reply.
    I use sibelius 6.2 (win7).
    I think it would be easier to standardize standard and notation in this case, using both the control for autolegato on and off.

    About trill, I will post, if is possible, a little example to explain this better.

    Thank a lot


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