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Topic: Hollow Sun Modular Toolkit!

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    Hollow Sun Modular Toolkit!

    I've been looking for some thick creepy drones and swishy stuff for a new project. I'm over-extended and can't afford to go any further beyond budget. And, it's Halloween. I need cash for a cool costume, don't I? Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought an amazing CP-70 for Kontakt from Hollow Sun. Today I discovered they have some crazy Halloween release that featured just what I was looking for . . . and it is way underpriced!

    The first time I launched Modular Toolkit I knew I had something fun that I could play with and use for my soundtrack and other recordings. In truth, I never heard of the synth this was taken from. I think Mozart used it or something. :-). In some strange way the mystery of it all made it even more fascinating. There are so many things I love about the Modular Toolkit . . .

    The GUI is straightforward with easy to use controls, but it's also serious and strong looking; the samples are top-notch 48k/24bit . . . . other-worldly . . . creepy . . . and haunting with speaker rumbling FATASS lows and crispy highs; the effects are hi-quality and usable. While poking around I think I found a bit crusher. Very Cool! I don't know if the price on their website is a mistake or not . . . seems like too good of a deal. If it is a mistake . . . sorry Hollow Sun . . . I have it now and I ain't giving it back! I am a proud owner of the Modular Toolkit. My fingers are crossed that this is only the beginning. They have a line of instruments called Music Lab Machines that features all kinds of vintage stuff. I think my search for fat analog VSTI's is over. I will raid Hollow Sun's collection and stick with samples. I expect to wear this .nki down to the bone! Great Job Hollow Sun. Thank you! Sincerely, Tommy Zai

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    Re: Hollow Sun Modular Toolkit!

    I feel so lonely . . . about 100 views and no keystroke love. :-).

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    Re: Hollow Sun Modular Toolkit!

    Any other great deals out there? I'm looking to beef up my sample library with hidden gems.

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