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Topic: Hi all. Long time didn't write.

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    Hi all. Long time didn't write.

    I have but one question: Is there a tutorial about the usage of portamento in GPO? Yea, there are the CCs but there's hardly any explanation in the manual about their employ. Surely, I found Tom's tutorial, but I couldn't work it for the English Horn for the portamento to help out in giving smooth flow to expansive melodic thematic passages, especially in the case of larger intervals, i.e. 5ths and 7ths. Without good legato the music just won't sound adequately. I am in GPO2/Kontakt Player 4, using EH Solo 2 (very beautiful warm and expressive sound, but difficult to slur).

    Thanks, S.
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    Re: Hi all. Long time didn't write.

    I too would like more information about the use of portamento.
    With CC controls, in sibelius6, all I get is a strange sound, like an electric guitar not a violin or horn


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    Re: Hi all. Long time didn't write.

    To be blunt, Portamento in GPO is something I rarely use, because I've never been able to make it sound musically acceptable. It's hit and miss to make it activate the way it should according to the manual, and then when it does work, the results aren't very natural. It's an artificial, purely programmed effect that gets engaged when you get it to working at all - it's not triggering new samples, so what you get really is a "strange sound," as you said, Celine. I long ago abandoned trying to use it at all.--

    Randy B.

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    Re: Hi all. Long time didn't write.

    The person on the forum I know uses it with some success is qccowboy. I tried to find a tutorial but couldn't. You might PM him and ask him how it works.
    Steve Winkler GPO4 JAAB3 Finale 2012 Reaper Windows 7 Pro 64-bit VSL SE+

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