I know my question is more to Sibelius users - but maybe one of you had the chance to experience Jabb3+Sibelius7:
If I'm using Sibelius with Sibelius sounds - in order to hear the continuing snare stim rolling brush - I just need to use the snare note with notation type="shape note 5" (or alt+shift+20).

When I open sibelius7 and choose instrument from Jabb3 - I have no problems with pitched sounds, but when I choose unpitch sounds like drums - there is no connection between the note the I choose on sibelius and the actual note played on the Jabb3.
Therefore - when using Jabb sound "01-Brush Drum set 1", If I press on the Aria engine on note C#1 - I can hear the beutiful continuing stim brush rolling snare,
but none of the notes in Sibelius7 generates this C#1 note inside JABB.
After reading the JABB User manual -
I tried several ways to produce this sound by sending ~C1 message or trying adding "BRSH" to the note, even played with the allocation of the sameples Engine inside sibelius - but none seems to work.

My questions are:
1) Does anyone could generate this stim snare sound from Sibelius?
BTW, There are other JABB drum notes that I couldn't generate through Sibelius.
2) Is there anyway to map the drums keys chromatically in parrallel to the real keys of the Garritan JABB?
I mean - when choosing the note "C#1" in Sibelius -
it will actually play the sound of this note in JABB?
D will play D, etc...

Please help
thanks in advance