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Topic: Help with musicmaker50 Accordion by Musictech

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    Lightbulb Help with musicmaker50 Accordion by Musictech

    Does anyone know how to change the bass volume or any overall help with settings. I just purchased this and I am used to playing a conventional accordion . I would appreciate any help. Rich

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    Re: Help with musicmaker50 Accordion by Musictech


    I don't know the program (Musictech - I work with the Kontakt accordion and Hohner Gola accordion, also for Kontakt). You are an accordionist, so you're aware of the fact that left and right hand use the same volume more or less. Of course in midi interpretation there mist be a balance between the two and sometimes you need to adapt things to your purposes.
    This is the way I normally deal with that balance:
    • don't treat the accordion like a piano
    • use two totally different systems for the upper and lower voices
    • use two different midi channels for right and left hand

    Acting thus will give you the possibility of putting in different volumes (CC1, CC7, CC11), which means that you have independent control over the expression in both hands.

    Kind regards


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