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Topic: Mozart: K546 adagio

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    Mozart: K546 adagio

    Ciao, it's my first post here
    Just bought GPO4 and tested it with this rather challenging Mozart's masterpiece.
    Further info in video description.


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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Do you have the original soundtrack? If so, please listen carefully. I admire your attempt, but this isn't Mozart. Go back to it and let Mozart sing. He brought heaven to earth, you know. And GPO isn't cheap, it is worth every penny and people can really make great soundfiles with it.

    Keep up the good work,

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Etto, just to clarify, the word "cheap" has very negative connotations. It is commonly used to mean "inexpensive", however, but it has a strong connotation of "poor quality", or "made with inexpensive materials" (thus of poor quality).

    When one is writing in English, it is best to use the more appropriate "inexpensive", which has no such negative meaning.

    I found the recording quite nice.

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Hi guys,
    thank you both for the clarification, I changed the 'bad' word. In fact the meaning (and I think you interpreted it right) was that if you pay attention to playing and expression you don't need a 1000/2000 euros library to obtain a good result but this doesn't mean that gpo is bad; so it was intended in a positive way.. Mea culpa.

    Raymond, I appreciate your criticism; however I know a lot of rendition (real orchestra) of this rather unusual Mozart masterpiece and they are totally different one from another; there are some that I like and some than I don't but all valid imo; my rendition is solely based on the score and my background, taste, experience and alike. When I listen to it (besides the limit of a sampled orchestra) I always found something that could be improved but basically that's my interpretation of it (more dramatical than dreamy). That doesn't mean that I'm right and you don't, it's just too personal I'd say.
    I'll totally agree with you, however, if you say that the "Per Elisa" you can find in my channel is not Beethoven

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    I liked your recording too. GPO is often criticized for the string sounds being inferior, etc. however it's amazing given a well written and orchestrated piece how good they sound

    Was that played back straight out of some notation software?

    Keep experimenting.
    Steve Winkler GPO4 JAAB3 Finale 2012 Reaper Windows 7 Pro 64-bit VSL SE+

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    There's a slight "zinginess" (excuse the technical talk) to GPO's solo strings.
    But then, I think solo strings are probably the most difficult thing to do. In and of itself, a solo string sound is so full of constant variation of bow weight, bow speed, vibrato speed, etc...

    I've even purchased a considerably more expensive solo library, and I find that some of the strings are convincing, while others aren't. And this is within the very same library.

    I still think the Garritan Strad (God rest its beautiful soul) was the most amazing solo violin I've ever heard short of a live performance.

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Qccowboy I agree with you, in fact in the mix I cutted the extreme hifreq and boosted a little lowmid. Probably if I had mixed some ensemble strings patches with solo instruments the result would be better; but the challenge was to use only solo instruments to achieve a small chamber orchestra result and put GPO (and me) in the most difficult situation (solo instruments as you stated).

    Swinkler, I used logic pro and recorded every part one by one playing it live with a keyboard. The score you see in the video is the standard logic score with some little addition in post (background and instruments' icons).

    Thank you

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Grettings, Etto! I'm certainly glad I found your post. I've never attempted to do something like you've done here with this wonderful Mozart piece, and I probably never will - So maybe I'm an easy audience, but I'm here to just say how extremely impressed I am, and how grateful I am that you posted it here.

    It was also fascinating to watch the score go by as I listened - I had to start the video over so I could call my wife in and have her watch/hear it with me. We were both thrilled.

    Thank you!


    P.S. Here is an important piece of advice. Never, and I mean literally, never take it to heart when someone tries to tell you how a given piece of music "should" be played. I admire the defense you posted on this thread very much, simply saying that you produced this Mozart according to your own tastes - Bravo--That's all any of us should ever do with music we work with.

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    Re: Mozart: K546 adagio

    Hello Randy,
    thank you very much for your time and your kind words.
    And thank you for the advice too.
    Next time I'll try to post something written by myself
    Have a nice Sunday!


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