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Topic: Gigastudio Fan Websites?

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    Gigastudio Fan Websites?

    I know many who used to use Gigastudio have now moved on and switched away, but apart from the threads here, are there any up-to-date Gigastudio fan websites in existence for those of us who are happy to use it still?


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    Re: Gigastudio Fan Websites?

    If you find any please post a link..

    GS4 user
    Equipment Hardware:
    Sager laptop (Clevo)
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
    Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHZ 8.00 GB Ram
    2 x SSD drives 120 & 128 GB
    ST9160823AS 150GB 7200 rpm
    RME Fireface 800
    Gigastudio 4
    Native Instruments B4 VSTi Bridged "Jbridge"
    Dosbox 0.74 running "Texture" sequencer.

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