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Topic: Granular synth fixed - THANK YOU!!!

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    Granular synth fixed - THANK YOU!!!

    Just updated Omni to the latest version and you guys have fixed the granular synth!!! All the patches of mine (mentioned in previous post on this topic) which stopped working on the previous update, now sound as they should again! In fact, I'd say they sound even better. The singing granule glide is back again.

    So I just wanted to say - THANK YOU!! I've never known a software company as responsive as you guys are or one as musically innovative.

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    Re: Granular synth fixed - THANK YOU!!!

    Great news, I remember when you first posted about this, glad to see it's fixed! Spectrasonics are the best!
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    Re: Granular synth fixed - THANK YOU!!!

    You are most welcome!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention too. I'm glad it got fixed too! :-)

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