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Topic: Installation of JABB3 issues

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    Installation of JABB3 issues

    I installed JABB3 Jazz and Big Band. I went to the Garritan website to register it. I typed in the serial #. It sent me the Keycard. The instructions said to drag the Keycard icon onto the Aria Player, which I did. But a popup said it first has to be registered. It is registered.
    I tried it again, and the same thing happened. It says the player is empty because it needs to be registered.

    What am I missing?


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    Re: Installation of JABB3 issues

    Hi Greg,

    Do you get 'Your copy of Garritan ARIA Player is not activated Running in demo mode(...)'?

    If so, just install ARIA Palyer v1.111 from your account on garritan.com.

    Some more info about that issue here:

    Éric Patenaude, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Installation of JABB3 issues

    Thanks, Eric!


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