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Topic: Brass sample library for Gabrielli

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    Brass sample library for Gabrielli

    In scoring incidental music for some Shakespeare plays set in Venice, I\'ve had cause to create some mock-Gabrielli. The advantage of my synth is that I can get marvelous phrasing with minute changes of velocity--unfortunately, the brass sounds extremely synthetic. My samples (AO brass) sound very authentic, but there are only three volume levels for each sample, and there are only two basic samples (soft and in-your-face loud), so the nuances of fine dynamic levels aren\'t available.

    Is there a better library for this sort of exposed/nuanced brass-only sound? Is there another way to achieve the phrasing I need besides just velocity? Is what I\'m trying to accomplish not noticed by ordinary listeners so I shouldn\'t be so concerned?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: Brass sample library for Gabrielli

    I\'m sorry, I\'m entirely self-taught on these topics, and I\'m not sure I understand the question...crossfade between what and what?

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    Re: Brass sample library for Gabrielli

    Hey RW,

    I\'m not saying that this is the ideal option, but what astrt24 suggests could help.

    It\'s possible to \'merge\' and \'combine\' both trumpet files so that you can use something like the mod wheel to fade between them, or layer them so that velocity switches between one and the other at user defined velocity points.

    Normally this wouldn\'t be great because at some point you\'d simply switch between the ff sample and the p sample - and the switch would be obvious.

    It\'s possible to use the Gigga\'s low pass filter so that the ff trumpet is duller when played at low velocities. With a bit of luck and some judicious tweaking you may be able to match the softer and filtered ff trumpet to the timbre of the pp trumpet at it\'s loudest.

    Get the ff trumpet up in Gigga and see if you can get the filter working so that it softens off on lightly played notes. If you have success, you can try merging it with the pp trumpet patch so that you can play across the pp-ff range by simply playing the notes harder.

    To merge the two files, you get up the GSeditor, load either one of them and then under \'files\' select \'merge\'.

    Now navigate to the second (not yet loaded) trumpet file and load it.

    Now select both instruments simultaneously by control-clicking on their names in the lefthand pane.

    Once both are highlighted, right click on either file and select the \'combine\' option. This will place both sets of samples in a single instrument in a fashion which you choose.

    A dialogue box pops up with various options including layering and velocity switching, and which also allows you to specify other parameters.

    Try using velocity switching, then play with
    the filter and velocity response curves of both halves of the new patch to get them responding naturally.

    As you can see, it\'s much easier to have the library designer do this for you!

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    Re: Brass sample library for Gabrielli

    Have you tried crossfading and/or utilizing a lowpass filter?

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