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Topic: Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

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    Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

    I bought the Galaxy Vintage D software last year but I still need a keyboard for controlling it. Several days ago I heard a band on local TV with a great acoustic sound. The guy was using a Nord stage keyboard. So I investigated the Nord line and decided it might be time for me to replace my stolen P80. I record pop tunes, acoustic and usually solo piano. I want to do the same thing now using sampled/modeled software since the software has finally reached the point where the difference is almost imperceivable to most listeners.

    I haven't looked seriously at DPs in the past 4 years or so. But what I need now is a keyboard to drive the software. Really, I need a great, acoustic piano feel with half-pedaling if possible. I want the piano action to respond to my playing as closely as possible.

    (I know, everybody probably wants that too.)

    Gigging with the Yamaha P80 was lots of fun for a few years although it was heavy and the piano sounds were not the best. At this point, I don't use a DP for live playing at all, so that is not critical. The action is the most important for recording with this software.

    I have been reading around for something with acoustic feeling, responsive action to learn some things. So what would you all suggest I look for to get that great acoustic feel for driving the piano software?

    Any suggestions on what I should look for or what might work?

    Thanks for the help!

    Don in Dallas

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    Re: Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

    As I'm sure you know the Nord Stage is an expensive KB. You are paying a lot for the sounds. If you don't need the sounds I would imagine their are some "controller-only" keyboards at a fraction of the price. Trying checking some of the recent Keyboard Magazine issues.

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    Re: Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

    You might find a used Yamaha P250 or CP300, both of which have excellent action (not sure about half pedaling) plus great piano sounds as a bonus if you get the urge, as I do, to just play and not deal with a computer. They're both heavy compared to the P80, though.

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    Re: Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

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    Re: Best Acoustic Action keyboard for controling Software ??

    A lot of people like the Doepfer, http://www.doepfer.de/. I never actually seen or tried one, though. But from what people say on the boards, it's supposed to be the caddy with velvet seats of keyboard controllers.

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