PLAY 3.0.25 Update is now available for download -

What's fixed and enhanced in PLAY Software Update v3.0.25?

• added WordBuilder 64-bit Mac support
• fixed audio artifacts in FL Studio
• fixed reverb and delay effect trails before starting playback
• fixed mouse behavior in WB's Time Editor
• fixed cursor/scrollbar oddities when lots of text added in WB Text Editor
• fixed additional on-screen keys being pressed when Repetition button is activated
• changed on-screen keyboard to play only the corresponding pitches in WB
• changed "Fast Disk Mode" to "Increase RAM Buffer" and default is now set to off, which means the Fast Disk setting is on be default
• fixed issue with navigating back to "Player" view once in "WordBuilder" in Mac

Jay Asher
Online Coordinator
EastWest/Quantum Leap

Logic Certified Trainer and author of "Going Pro With Logic Pro 9" and "Going Pro With Logic Pro 8"