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Topic: GPO with Kontakt Player 5: how to do it as clean as possible?

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    GPO with Kontakt Player 5: how to do it as clean as possible?

    I own GPO on cd's since quite a few years. Back then it came with Kontakt Player 2. Later on I used GPO with Kontakt Player 3 and 4.

    This weekend I installed all my musicsoftware on my new PC. I would like to install GPO too, but not all those old Kontakt Players... I already installed the latest version of KP, which is 5, and I would like to install GPO for use with KP5 but without installing any old player: I have a lean and mean but also clean system right now, and I would like to keep it like that.

    Is there a way I can install GPO from those old cd's without having to install various players?

    And yes, I know about GPO4 and the Aria engine, but well, I am satisfied with what I've got and I don't need the newest versions of everything (Guitar Rig 3 is fine with me and so is Sonar 8.5), so... I'd like to get GPO working with what I have now...

    Obviously, when this can't be done or GPO won't work with KP5, I will have to consider getting the upgrade to GPO4... (but I will have to find out first if it offers something extra and useful! )

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    Re: GPO with Kontakt Player 5: how to do it as clean as possible?

    Hi J!

    It's been years since I installed the original GPO with those disks. I can't recall if installing GPO gives you the option of not installing Kontakt 2, but I doubt it. It was the only way the library could be used. However, it does look like you can uninstall Kontakt 2 after installation. Then you can use Kontakt 5 as you had wanted to.


    You could upgrade to GPO4 for $49.95, a fantastic bargain! I know you're hesitant with a new machine. However, the Aria player is so much better and easier to use than Kontakt. Plus, Aria doesn't use up nearly the ram Kontakt does. The down side (and there's always one, eh?) is any midi files you've been using in the past from your old computer will have to be updated to the new Aria player. I ran into that when I switched to GPO4 and wanted to work on some older compositions in Finale. I had to update my older Finale files set up for Kontakt to GPO4, which can be time consuming. But I'm really glad I upgraded.

    That's my 2 cents. Good luck!!!

    Gary A.
    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: GPO with Kontakt Player 5: how to do it as clean as possible?

    Thanks for the reply. Well, I simply gave it a try and it worked. Let me post the procedure for future use.

    1. Install Kontakt Player (I installed version 5).

    2. Install GPO using the original cd's (mine are from 2004) and the original serial: choose to ONLY install the library (nice that that's possible!).

    3. Open Native Instruments Service Center and activate GPO (the Service Center will see it automatically) with the NEW serial (I got that one around the time I had to switch to Kontakt Player 3: I suppose you can still ask for an updated serial for free (!) if you still only have the Kontakt Player 2 + GPO serial).

    4. After that I loaded Kontakt Player in Sonar and GPO was there immediately!

    So for now I'll keep it at this.

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