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Topic: GPO 3.0 & Logic Pro 9

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    GPO 3.0 & Logic Pro 9

    Ok. Newbie. Please help.

    I installed my GPO 3.0 on my new iMac, and am using Logic Pro 9. Kontakt player seems to be working fine. However, I don't know how to get the sounds from the Kontakt player into my Logic Pro project. The GPO manual refers me to the Garritan website. The Garritan website seems to have nothing that refers to GPO 3.0. I tried e-mailing support over at Garritan.com, but apparently keep failing because of the funny verification words I have to type - I keep getting them wrong, it seems.

    Can someone - anyone - please - post a link or point me toward the appropriate PDF, etc for how to get sounds from the Kontakt player (which I have up and running) into my Logic project?

    Really, it shouldn't be this hard to find basic instructions, right?


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    Re: GPO 3.0 & Logic Pro 9

    Where exactly is the problem occurring? Are you able to load GPO but not hearing sounds? Or are you not finding Kontakt 2 as a choice to load?

    FWIW, I have GPO 4 installed with the Aria player, and it shows up as as one my my options when loading instruments. I'm using Kontakt player vsn. 4 right now, but if I load a 32 bit instrument, I see Kontakt 2 as one of my choices.

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