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Topic: RIP Steve Jobs

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    RIP Steve Jobs

    You created something special...

    You created a movement that will never end...

    You are appreciated throughout the world...

    You will be missed, Steve.

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    Re: RIP Steve Jobs

    I agree. RIP and the world is a lesser place today because of his absence.
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    Re: RIP Steve Jobs

    Quote Originally Posted by RichR View Post
    the world is a lesser place today because of his absence.
    true so true, but OH the things that are so much better and make life more enjoyable because of his time here with us !!!!

    I was stunned even knowing of his recent health condition.
    It is a very sad day for not just Apple users, but all of the world that uses computers, phones, tablets etc.

    As far as I know, Steve's company invented the mouse as we know it, and ,, well,,,,
    the list is mind-boggling.

    So sad at just 56 years of age.

    a very happy user of Apple products.

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    Re: RIP Steve Jobs

    I was saddened to read of his death. I know that my household was impacted by the products his vision and company produced. (iPad, iPod, two Mac Pro computers and 1 MacBook Pro). I know that I am not alone in feeling sincere gratitude and respect towards Mr. Jobs for his realized visions that have sooooo impacted the world.

    Regarding his illness, the fact that his battle with cancer was made public both impressed and saddened me. I hope that his public battle with cancer served as inspiration and hope for others battling cancer. On the other hand, I hope he received the privacy due him, especially during his worse moments with the disease (and treatments). I hope his experience with death was faced with much comfort and surrounded by those he loved. Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. You will be missed.

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    Re: RIP Steve Jobs

    This is well worth watching:

    RIP Steve

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    Re: RIP Steve Jobs

    What a guy! Driven to the very end. He came, saw, lost several battles, but again and again he made us wonder about the next product. His ideas changed the way we are doing our daily jobs. His legacy is priceless.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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