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Topic: Ringing Strings vs. Room Reverberations

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    Ringing Strings vs. Room Reverberations

    We can, of course, add normal reverb to GPO4 solo strings via the Aria player or a reverb plug-in in our favorite DAW. But what I'd like to do is mimic the sound of the ringing strings of, say, a solo cello after an instrumentalist has played an open string perfect fifth wherein the ringing of the strings is distinct from the room reverberations produced by either the initial attack of bow to strings or those produced by the ensuing ringing of the strings. And it would be nice if I could also have a controller which could then be used to turn off the ringing strings as if the player had dampened them with his hand. After doing this, the room reverberations would continue on until normal dissipation.

    I'm pretty sure GPO4 doesn't have this so I'm wondering if this effect could be produced by, perhaps, setting up a master bus reverb as usual and then adding a separate reverb on the cello where the latter would be used to mimic the reverberations inside the cello and the vibrations of the instrument body and strings. To dampen the strings, automation would be used to quickly lower the level of this reverb and then turn it off completely.

    Because with GPO strings, there is no way to have the virtual player lift their bow off the strings and allow them to continue ringing, right? Don't those guys always have to drag their bows to get a note?

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    Re: Ringing Strings vs. Room Reverberations

    In the world of samples, those are typically referred to as "release" samples.
    GPO does not have those.

    Libraries that have these "release" samples are usually triggered by the midi notes' "note off" command. Using a separate reverb to try to simulate this commonly heard sound would be a waste of time, it would not sound convincing.


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